This course allows  you to work with the Distributed Control System (CDS), build simple control loops and graphic displays, enable and disable alarm reporting, and respond to general diagnostic messages.

In this course, you identify the major hardware and software components of a Distributed Control System (CDS). Using various configuration tools, you enable and view process alarm reporting.

Classroom instruction and practical lab exercises in this course lay the groundwork for more advanced Distributed Control System (DCS) courses.

  • Identify hardware components of Distributed Control Network, their functions, and the relationships between stations and modules.

  • Construct simple process control schemes using control Editor.

  • Test control loops using default process displays.

  • Construct process displays that interact with live process data, using graphic displays. Make online modifications to real-time and historical trend displays.

  • Interpret results and modify predefined alarm schemes.

  • Assign control block alarm events to Annunciator Keyboard LEDs and displays, and programs to Annunciator Keyboard pushbuttons.

  • Described standard diagnostic and support tools in System Manager.

Process Engineers

Process Engineers

Experts in designing, optimizing, and managing industrial processes for efficient production. They use their engineering knowledge to analyze and improve workflows, identify bottlenecks, and enhance productivity. Their goal is to streamline operations, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with regulations while maintaining quality and safety standards.

System Engineers

System Engineers

System engineers design and manage complex systems, integrating components like software and hardware. They ensure seamless functionality, optimize performance, and meet project objectives in industries such as aerospace and information technology.

  • Working knowledge of personal computers and plant processes
  • Minimum of 6 months of experience using process control and computers
  • 5-day instructor led training